Businesses around the country promote Alcohol Awareness Week

A number of events have been arranged around the country to promote Alcohol Awareness Week.

The week, which began yesterday (Monday 18th) and runs until Friday (November 22), is arranged by organisation Alcohol Concern. It is designed to promote issues such as the health risks and social problems related to alcohol abuse - although the specific theme for this year's campaign is 'Conversations About Alcohol'.

The organisation encourages many companies and establishments around the country to get involved however, writing on its website: "This year we want to encourage the same flexibility with Alcohol Awareness Week, allowing local areas to use this theme to suit their priorities."

Those getting involved in the event this year include a range of organisations across Cambridgeshire. According to, Cambridgeshire Police will be working with hospital, prison and treatment centres in the area to raise awareness, as well as Cambridgeshire's Safer Communities Partnership Team.

North Devon Hospital will also be raising awareness all week, according to A dedicated alcohol team will be situated in the hospital's restaurants; informing people about how many calories are consumed with each drink and how much alcohol can have an impact our health.

A short film has about the effects of alcohol will also be launched in Leicestershire to raise the profile of the cause.