Brits too stressed to sleep, says report

New research has found that Brits are so stressed that it's stopping them from getting a good night's sleep.

The data was revealed a report by The Sleep Council, which questioned more than 5,000 people of their sleeping habits. 'The Great British Bedtime Report' found almost half (47 per cent) of Britons were being kept awake at night due to stress.

Results found that women and those who were single were even more affected by stress when it came to sleep, with results of 54 per cent and 57 per cent respectively. This compared 40 per cent of men who claimed their sleep was affected by stress.

A separate study by researchers at Surrey University this week however, revealed that just seven days of poor sleep can disrupt hundreds of genes, which are linked to stress and can have an effect on immunity and inflammation. Those who do feel like stress is becoming a problem and affecting their sleep may want to invest in counselling courses which could help.

It was revealed in the report the millions fail to get even six hours of sleep a night, however Dr Chris Idziokowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre said not enough sleep can cause serious health implications.

He told "Disrupted sleep not only impacts on quality of life, but there's an increased risk of higher blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes."

As well as health implications, stress can also lead on to other psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, according to