Body builder talks about how she overcame eating disorders to become sponsored athlete

A bodybuilder has talked about how she overcame her seven-year battle with eating disorders to become a sponsored athlete.

Kelly Septhton, from Chelmsford in Essex, was told by doctors that she faced infertility and the threat of a heart attack after suffering from anorexia and bulimia from the age of 23. Her illnesses even left her bed-bound some days because she was so weak.

Doctors diagnosed Kelly with endometriosis - a painful gynaecological condition which can cause infertility - and said that she should stay away from strenuous exercise. However, Kelly decided to ignore the advice and throw her energy in to body building to prove doctors that they were wrong and to show how strong she could be.

Talking about her battle to, Kelly said: "I was told the extent that I had the endometriosis would leave me bed bound some days, and certainly unable to train. I didn't feel anger or sadness, I was totally numb. Thankfully I ignored this advice."

It is thought that the number of people with eating disorders is on the rise, with hospital admissions up by 16 per cent from 2011 to 2012, according to The exact cause on illness is unknown, but it is sometimes recommended that sufferers attend counselling courses to help work through the emotional issues behind the disorder.

Kelly has now become so successful at the sport that she works as a sponsored athlete for fitness companies LA Muscle and LA Tone.