Blue Monday – Is it the Unhappiest Day of The Year?

January 19th 2015 – Blue Monday – the unhappiest day of the year according to the media. However, the Priory Group tells how depression, stress and anxiety are affecting people in the UK seriously throughout the year, not just on this one day a year.

The latest google statistics discovered that people in the UK are making 70 searches per minute combined for ‘depression’, ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’. That is over 1.1 million searches every month about depression alone.

It was reported that in an average month last year there was 49,500 searches made by people wanting to take a test to see whether they were depressed.

This perhaps offers some insight into the reported 15 million working days per year lost to sickness due to stress, depression and/or anxiety.

So is there truth in January spiking depression searches - the answer is yes. But there are spikes in October, November and December also. Perhaps ‘Blue Monday’ isn’t limited to January.

Dr Jeanette Downie, of Glasgow’s Priory Hospital said that the number of people turning to the internet and searching about depression could perhaps be a further sign of how mental health is still stigmatised and how people are struggling to seek the help face to face that they need.

Dr Downie urges individuals to seek help from their GP before self-diagnosing online.