Best-selling author Marian Keyes talks of depression battle

Top-selling author Marian Keyes has talked about her battle with depression, according to

The 39-year-old novelist claimed she had suffered with the condition since 2009. It left her unable to get out of bed for a period of time, cutting a holiday short and even led to her being admitted into a psychiatric facility.

Ms Keyes claimed she even intended to kill herself with a knife she bought in 2010. However, help from a therapist meant that she managed to pull through her darkest days.

According to, Ms Keyes said in an interview: "I was extremely suicidal for a year and a half and I had to fight it every day. I remember sobbing in my mother Mary's arms and begging her to give me permission to kill myself."

The writer has even used her books to talk about her depression, with a character in her latest book 'The Mystery of Mercy Close' suffering with the condition, which she hopes will help others who are afflicted by depression.

Those who are suffering from depression may want to try options such as anti-depressants or counselling courses to help manage the symptoms and identify triggers.

Ms Keyes says that although she is still suffering with the condition now, she has "more good days than bad".