Anxiety is…

The endless search for certainty that cannot be found…Neither Perfectionism.

Just understanding and knowing this, reduces the symptoms associated with this illusory quest.

Whilst both humans and animals experience Fear, only we as Humans are capable of experiencing anxiety?

It’s because as humans we evolved a very clever tool called imagination.

It on the one hand enables us to achieve and visualise some pretty remarkable things, and help us focus and work towards our personal worthwhile goals, however like any tool it can be misused.

If misused it will conjure up all sorts of unhelpful thoughts and images about disasters and negative scenarios that will most likely never happen. When a person focuses on such things intensely enough, the mind will respond with Fear in exactly the same way as if it were really happening……

So many people I’ve met and know personally think this way

Whereas a real situation is usually soon over, these imagined negative thoughts and imagined situations can be maintained by the mind indefinitely, along with the corresponding fear (fight, flight freeze) response.

This is what makes anxiety so tiring and emotionally draining, and is then what causes so many of the physical symptoms a person may experience which lead to emotional disturbances such as depression or learned helplessness.

Please remember if you are experiencing Anxiety, you are not alone, don’t suffer unnecessarily, please seek professional help.