Anti-smoking groups blast Cowell for lighting up near pregnant partner

Anti-smoking groups have criticized Simon Cowell for smoking whilst with his pregnant partner Lauren Silverman.

Photographs were taken that show the music mogul lighting up a cigarette vas he strolled next to his girlfriend when walking in Beverley Hills. The 54-year-old was spotted with the cigarette just weeks after he vowed to give up.

According to, Cowell had promised to try and quit the habit when US chat show host Arsenio Hall said that he could smell smoke on him and that he should try and quit before his new child arrived. This led to Cowell switching to electronic cigarettes in the last few weeks.

Representatives from anti-smoking group QUIT have spoken out again Cowell for smoking near his pregnant partner, calling him "selfish" as he is putting both mother and child at risk.

Spokesman for the organisation, Glyn McIntosh, told "Secondhand tobacco smoke is a mixture of at least 4,000 chemical compounds, dozens of which are known or suspected reproductive toxins."

He continued: "Women exposed to other people's tobacco smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have premature births, lower weight babies and some research shows it can result in the loss of the baby."

A spokesperson for Cowell has so far refused to comment about the issue.