Almost a third of 16-year-olds have thought about sucide, says poll

A new poll has revealed a third of children have contemplated suicide by the time they reach 16, with 29 per cent self-harming when they felt depressed.

New mental health charity MindFull has called for mandatory mental health education in schools after the YouGov poll brought back some shocking statistics, reports

Half of those who suffered from depression failed to get the necessary help. Two-thirds of the 2000 young people surveyed believe that providing mental health education in schools and training teachers to recognise the signs would help.

The founder of MindFull, Emma-Jane Cross, said: "It's unacceptable that so many are having to resort to harming themselves on purpose in order to cope, or worse still are thinking about ending their own lives.

"Early intervention is proven to help prevent adult mental health problems, so swift action must be taken now if we are to avoid a legacy of serious long-term mental illness," she added, according to

If the scheme is implemented into the national curriculum, it could be a great opportunity for those who desire a counselling career - especially if they want to work with young people specifically.

The charity says young people most often worry about their future and whether they're good enough or not, which leads to stress at school, so education about dealing with mental health issues could help students feel more confident in themselves - in turn perhaps leading to better school work, too.