Alcohol is the main reason why dieters fail

Dieters looking to lose a few pounds by eating more healthily are more likely to succumb to an alcoholic drink rather than snacks, a recent study has revealed.

The study, published in the journal Annals of Behavioural Medicine, looked at 80 people for a week who were either part of a dieting group or dieting by themselves.

According to, alcohol was particularly hard to refuse when the participants were in a social environment and surrounded by their friends.

The dieters were asked to record their temptations and how many times they broke their diet on a smartphone. The results showed that participants gave in to their temptations around 50 per cent of the time and most of these cravings would occur in the evening.

Heather McKee, researcher from the University of Birmingham, told over time willpower can feel as though it is fading. Keeping treats out of sight can help to stop constantly feeling tempted by your favourite snack.

Ms McKee said: "For instance, put the office biscuits out of sight so you don't have a constant reminder of a temptation that you have to resist multiple times throughout the day which eventually wears down one's self-control and makes you more likely to give in."