A Summer Of Self-Care

During summer, we can find ourselves slowing down the pace and enjoying all that this season has to offer; the long and bright evenings, barbecues, having some time off work, and taking some time to rejuvenate ourselves.

It is ok to do all of those things, and in fact I actively encourage every single one of them. Summer is a great time to feel good, so here are a few of my self-care tips so you can make the most of summer.

  • Have a holiday or at least some time off. You don’t have to go abroad to have a decent holiday; in fact, there no doubt are many amazing places in your own country where you can unwind and have a good time. Where you go isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of this point. It’s much more about taking some time to do something for yourself. If you are not able to get away for a break, you could enjoy some time off and stay local. Throughout the summer there are bound to be plenty of events happening that you can check out. You could go to your local park, lie down and relax in the sun. Or you can just stay at home and enjoy the nothingness. All are good things for your soul. 

  • Have a break from technology. In this modern age we all seem to be attached to our phones or laptops, or some other form of technology. It can actually be exhausting and being without technology is known to cause anxiety in some people. However, it does us all good to have a break now and again. So here is my challenge to you: Switch off your phone, turn off all other technology, and notice how peaceful life is without it. Let people who may want to contact you that you will be ‘switching off’ for a while and enjoy some time out. You will soon thank yourself for that break. If you cannot have a whole day without your technology, try making a commitment to yourself to switch everything off in the evening so that you are able to relax for a couple of hours before bed. Again, you will soon thank yourself for doing that and you may even sleep better as a result.

  • Make some time to play. Play time isn’t just for children, although of course you may want to involve your children in these activities. Your play time may even be something that you enjoyed when you were a child. Going for a bike ride, visiting a theme park, having a water fight, or organising a barbecue are all things you could enjoy doing. Connect with your inner child and see what you would like to do.

  • Spend time near water. It can be incredibly relaxing to be near water, particularly when it is moving. You don’t have to seek out a beautiful lake or visit a beach; even going to your local swimming pool or for a walk along a rive or canal can do the trick.
  • Eat healthily. With the weather nicer and brighter, all the fresh fruit, vegetables and salads taste so much better. Eating healthier is mentally easier in the summer, so make the most of the opportunity to eat well and reap the benefits that brings to your body and mind.