40 young people start smoking a day in Scotland

Startling figures from a leading anti-smoking organisation suggest that 40 young people take up smoking a day in Scotland.

Reported by scotsman.com, ASH Scotland say more than 7500 children have started smoking in the last six months. According to the charity, it has been six months since a public study on plain, standardised tobacco packaging ended.

As a result, the organisation is calling upon the Scottish and UK governments to publish the study results and introduced plain packaging on tobacco products.

In addition, a representative from the British Heart Foundation Ben McKendricks believes the longer Scotland has to wait for standardised packaging, the "more harm cigarettes will do to our children".

Standardised packaging, alongside traditional avenues of help like counselling courses, could help smokers stamp out their habit.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman commented on the figures to dailyrecord.co.uk: "We have worked with the Department of Health and other devolved administrations to complete a joint consultation on tobacco packaging across the UK and are currently considering all responses before deciding on the best way forward for Scotland.

"As part of our commitment to maintaining Scotland's position as a world leader on tobacco control, we will shortly publish a comprehensive new Tobacco Control Strategy with a key focus on preventing young people from taking up smoking," she added.