12 Tips To Feel Less Stressed

Stress is on the rise, with more and more people reporting suffering from it. There could be a number of reasons for this perceived increase. We definitely seem to have more pressures put on us now than previously. There are work pressures, family pressures and then of course things like social media which certainly contribute to much of the stress that many people feel.

If feeling stressed is stressing you out, here are some top tips to help you feel more inner calm.

  • Keep perspective

Remember who and what is important.

  • Try to avoid arguments

Sadly, fallouts can be all too common. If you feel one coming on, remind yourself that it’s ok to have a difference of opinion with someone and consider the bigger picture.

  • Breathe deeply

Counting to 7 on the inhale and 11 on the exhale is a useful relaxation technique to try.

  • Remind yourself to KEEP YOUR COOL

Ask yourself the following questions: What will becoming angry achieve? Will become stressed actually help you?

  • Remove yourself from the situation

Physically walking away from something that stresses you is sometimes the best option. This frees you emotionally too so you can think more clearly about the situation.

  • Count backwards from 20 to 1

Aim to have calmed down by the time you reach one.

  • Go for a walk, ideally in a park or open space

Fresh air is good for you and strolling in the park or other open space can be calming as well as freeing.

  • Visualise a calm tranquil place

It could be the sea, mountains, fields or anywhere that you consider to be calming. Visualise that place for about two minutes.

  • Let go of any expectations you have

Sometimes it is better to not have any expectations.

  • Relax in a bath while listening to relaxing music

We all like to do that, right?

  • Dance to lively music

The burst of energy will help you release your frustration.

  • Inhale relaxing aromatherapy oils, such as lavender

This can be incredibly beneficial for stress relief.

If you find that stress is taking over your life and it becomes overwhelming, perhaps you could consider seeking help from a counsellor or hypnotherapist. They can help you to work through what’s stressing you, develop coping strategies, or even help you get to a point where you no longer feel that stress.